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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Biscuit Bread Pudding

It can be difficult to get around to making bread.  Then with all the yeast (with the gluten and sugar) it really can be detrimental to sensitive systems.  However, if you can still consume wheat products, biscuits are pretty manageable as far as prep time is concerned.  If the recipe is good, you'll end up with a nice medium weight to light biscuit.

Biscuits have become a real favorite around here.  My wife prefers I made at least a double batch so they can have some for snack-time and/or some to save for bread pudding.  Bread pudding made with biscuits instead of bread has become our family favorite for both savory AND sweet bread puddings.

Have you ever had bread puding made with biscuits?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cowboy Candy; The Only Candy Tough Enough for a Cowboy

I tried some Cowboy Candy about a week ago.  I was amazed and surprised at how good it was.  Hot stuff is something I really enjoy.  I also like sweet stuff.  And, of course, I'm a pretty tough guy.  So this combo is awesome.

Although I enjoy a complicated recipe just as much as the next Chef, I decided to see if I could come up with something similar to what I tried, but not require as many ingredients.  I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with.  I've come up with a few spin-off recipes as well.  I'll work on having some photos for you of the main marvel as well as some of the others in which I've used it.

I think you will be impressed.

6 cups sugar
1 gallon jalapeno slices, drained (reserve 1 cup of the juice)
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup reserved juice from jalapenos

In a large pot, combine the sugar and vinegar and the reserved juice from the jalapenos.  At medium heat, bring mixture to 190 degrees.  Put jalapenos in a heat-proof container.  Remove the sugar mixture from the heat and pour over the drained jalapenos.  Set aside to cool.

When it's reached room temperature, pick up a spoon and enjoy.  If you like spicy and sweet stuff, you're really going to love this.  You won't want to stop eating it.  I almost couldn't tear myself away.

By the way, there's some pretty cool stuff out there, only a Google search away, about why this stuff was named Cowboy Candy.  I'd be happy to share what I've found if you like.  Just let me know.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alternative Pancakes

Have you ever tried making pancakes without flour?  What if you couldn't use any grain?

My wife used the Simple Carbohydrate Diet to heal her damaged GI tract, so she's made lots of gluten-free AND grain-free pancakes.  They can be amazingly tastey.  How?

She used navy beans.  I'll have to share more about that sometime soon.  Let me know if you want to hear more about that.  If you do and tell me, I'm more likely to get a post out about it sooner than I have planned.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Day Three of Making Amends

This is the last time I'm going to write about making amends for being neglectful on Valentine's Day.  That doesn't mean I'm not going to do any more stuff for my lady.  I'm just not going to write about it here, after today.

Hopefully you've taken my advice and washed the dishes (probably should do that more than once) and maybe you made your lady some pancakes with special sauce today based on my suggestions yesterday... I hope so (make sure you tell me how you both liked that breakfast treat)!

So, today... today we need to do what we should've done for Valentine's Day.  Whatever you do should be really specific to the lady you love.  For help determining what you should do, please refer to the post I shared pre-V Day.

I'm pretty sure that post is really the problem, actually.  I mean, my wife has never seemed to mind that I didn't do anything for V. Day before.  I think asking for advice for that post did me in... I think she thought I was thinking about doing something special.  Too much thinking, man!  Well, live and learn, right?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day Two of Making Amends

I'm a Chef, one of the things I do really well is making meals for my lady.  So, today I'm going to make her a meal I know she will enjoy.

I know that doesn't really help you.  I did tell you I'd make a few suggestions.  So, here's what you do...

If you don't have it in the house, go buy some strawberry jam (or some other red spread if your lady is allergic to strawberry), sour cream, cream cheese, and the ingredients for a recipe of sour cream pancakes.  I have a couple on my Pinterest page.  If you're a wussy, buy a pancake mix.  If you use the "Edna Mae's sour cream pancake recipe," which you can find on the page link, you'll hit a homerun!

Instructions for the sauce on top of the pancakes:

With a blender (or in a KitchenAid mixer), blend your cream cheese really well.  If you didn't leave it out to soften before mixing, you better have it in a KitchenAid .  If you let it soften, any hand-held mixer will work.  Put 1/4 of the block of cream cheese in the blender or mixer and turn it on until the cream cheese looks like you could spread it really easily.  Add in 1/2 cup sour cream, 1 cup of whatever jam you bought, and 1 tablespoon sugar.  Mix it all together really well.  (Make sure to taste it to check that it actually tastes good.  If you want it more fruity or sweet, add the necessary ingredient.)

My wife prefers light sugar, so I added less than 1 Tablespoon to the pancakes and didn't add any to the topping.

Next, make pancakes in the shape of hearts.

That is really way easier than some people make it out to be.  Just drop a little on the pan (which should already be hot, but not too hot) and then drop some more right next to it.  With the back of a spoon, drag some of the pancake stuff off the top into the shape of a point (you know, the bottom of the heart).  Let it cook for just a little (maybe two minutes if your pan temp is good) and then flip.  You've really got to cook up the whole batch of pancakes, but do NOT... I repeat: do NOT put ALL the pancakes on your lady's plate unless you want her to be even more angry with you.  Don't ask me how I know NOT to do that one!

Of course, if you have a heart-shaped pancake ring, use that.  It will save some time.  A heart-shaped cookie cutter could work, too.  If using the cookie cutter option, just be sure to make round pancakes large enough so that you can cut the heart-shape out of them.

Pile a few of the pancakes together and drop globs of the luscious red topping stuff on top of the pancakes.  Make sure to bring it to your lady while she's still in bed.  Tell her you love her at least twice.  Make sure to eat when she gives you bites.  She'll share... once or twice.  Make sure you accept her offer and eat with her.  Eating together is bonding.  We need to make sure we're bonding.  We messed up, bonding is really important... especially now!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Day After V. Day or The First Day of Making Amends

Are you suffering the consequences of leaving your loved one in the wind on Valentine's Day.  I have a few ideas that might help us regain some lost ground.

Making amends is hard to do.  It takes way more time than just doing something nice yesterday would've taken.  I'm pretty bummed.  If you feel like me, you'll appreciate the next short series (only a few days) of ideas we can implement to say we're sorry to our lady.

First, do the dishes.  Have you heard of pinterest?  If you haven't, you're really missing out on some cool stuff... and lots of good information that could help you (us) with out lady.  I'm just getting started in there, just so you know, but I've heard a bit about it from my lady and... she's actually usually right.  I don't like to tell her that.  You know, being the man of the house and all.  But she's really smart.  I did mention that recently.

I highly recommend checkin' out my Pinterest board about ladies.  I need reminders and I'm pretty sure most of us guys would benefit from the stuff I've either already pinned or will pin there.  Especially the dishes stuff.  Also, my wife has a few good Pinterest boards.  THIS one is one I probably need to look into now.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you what to do next.  Man, it would've just been better to do something ON Valentine's day.  Next year, I will not make this same mistake.

Eat Well,

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a busy day for anyone who works in the food industry.  We have to work and usually work late. 

Make cookies and give them away.  Gluten free cookies can be good.  My favorite cookie happens to be peanut butter with chocolate chips.  Have you tried the peanut butter cookies made of only peanut butter, sugar, and eggs?  There are tons of recipes out there.  I like THIS one.

So what does the significant other of a Chef get for the celebration?

Well, in my case, I have to admit, I'm not very creative with gifts any more.  My wife and I have been together for 12 years.  She says she doesn't need anything.  I'm usually too tired to think about it, so I'm thankful she's not needy in that way.  She'd probably think I did something wrong if I went out of my way for Valentine's Day, at this point.  I probably should do it anyway.

Maybe next year.

I hope you've had a great day!  Happy Valentine's Day.

Eat Well,

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jessie the Great

Jessie the Great, I am, I am.  Jessie the Great I am.

Seriously, though.  Who am I?

Well, a long time ago I took the pretest with Mensa to become a certified genius... and passed.  I've only gained in knowledge and wisdom since then.  Boggles the mind, doesn't it?!

An artist told me I have good bone structure... that my left and right sides are very closely similar.  Apparently that is how most humans define beauty, even though we don't really describe it that way most of the time.

Although I am not among the largest of men and am no longer among the youth, guys younger than me have asked me why I run around so much at work.  They have a difficult time keeping up with me.  My physique is not that of a body-builder, but I've shocked a few folks by what I can carry.

No, I'm not overly humble, but I'm not prideful... most of the time.  I'm just telling you who I am.

Five amazing children call me Daddy.  They are all mine.... and they all have the same Mama, too.  My wife and I like to do things naturally and sometimes in ways that are considered a little old-fashioned.  That's okay.  Haters gunna hate.  My wife does an amazing job on the front-lines of our effort and desire to do things naturally with our children.  She is an amazing researcher.  You know, as smart as I am, I had to have a wife that would compliment and challenge me.

Food is a big deal to me.  I love to make new things with food.  I used to dream about food all the time.  Not so much lately, but I still enjoy those dreams a lot.

Building stuff is awesome.  I like the power tools.  Power.  You know... it's what every guy loves in one form or another.  I enjoy fishing and hunting (for food) and working on greasy stuff.  I used to have my own small engines repair business.  I'm not limited to small engines, but with the advent and increasing popularity of on-board computers in the engines of vehicles, I definitely prefer small engines.

Growing stuff (especially food) is among my interests and abilities.  Have you heard of Back to Eden Gardening.  It's amazing!

Reading, guns, and art of all forms finish me.  Don't get to do much with art... and reading is almost never for pleasure these days, but I do enjoy reading what I must.

Eat Well,

Fun with food