Monday, February 17, 2014

Day Three of Making Amends

This is the last time I'm going to write about making amends for being neglectful on Valentine's Day.  That doesn't mean I'm not going to do any more stuff for my lady.  I'm just not going to write about it here, after today.

Hopefully you've taken my advice and washed the dishes (probably should do that more than once) and maybe you made your lady some pancakes with special sauce today based on my suggestions yesterday... I hope so (make sure you tell me how you both liked that breakfast treat)!

So, today... today we need to do what we should've done for Valentine's Day.  Whatever you do should be really specific to the lady you love.  For help determining what you should do, please refer to the post I shared pre-V Day.

I'm pretty sure that post is really the problem, actually.  I mean, my wife has never seemed to mind that I didn't do anything for V. Day before.  I think asking for advice for that post did me in... I think she thought I was thinking about doing something special.  Too much thinking, man!  Well, live and learn, right?

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