Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jessie the Great

Jessie the Great, I am, I am.  Jessie the Great I am.

Seriously, though.  Who am I?

Well, a long time ago I took the pretest with Mensa to become a certified genius... and passed.  I've only gained in knowledge and wisdom since then.  Boggles the mind, doesn't it?!

An artist told me I have good bone structure... that my left and right sides are very closely similar.  Apparently that is how most humans define beauty, even though we don't really describe it that way most of the time.

Although I am not among the largest of men and am no longer among the youth, guys younger than me have asked me why I run around so much at work.  They have a difficult time keeping up with me.  My physique is not that of a body-builder, but I've shocked a few folks by what I can carry.

No, I'm not overly humble, but I'm not prideful... most of the time.  I'm just telling you who I am.

Five amazing children call me Daddy.  They are all mine.... and they all have the same Mama, too.  My wife and I like to do things naturally and sometimes in ways that are considered a little old-fashioned.  That's okay.  Haters gunna hate.  My wife does an amazing job on the front-lines of our effort and desire to do things naturally with our children.  She is an amazing researcher.  You know, as smart as I am, I had to have a wife that would compliment and challenge me.

Food is a big deal to me.  I love to make new things with food.  I used to dream about food all the time.  Not so much lately, but I still enjoy those dreams a lot.

Building stuff is awesome.  I like the power tools.  Power.  You know... it's what every guy loves in one form or another.  I enjoy fishing and hunting (for food) and working on greasy stuff.  I used to have my own small engines repair business.  I'm not limited to small engines, but with the advent and increasing popularity of on-board computers in the engines of vehicles, I definitely prefer small engines.

Growing stuff (especially food) is among my interests and abilities.  Have you heard of Back to Eden Gardening.  It's amazing!

Reading, guns, and art of all forms finish me.  Don't get to do much with art... and reading is almost never for pleasure these days, but I do enjoy reading what I must.

Eat Well,

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